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The road forward

In my last blog, I talked a little bit about where I was with a particular category in the cookbook. Now is a good time to expand upon that and paint a picture of the coming months. 

This cookbook is broken down into two main categories spring/summer and fall/winter. Up until now I have focused heavily on the fall and winter section, with a deep emphasis on winter cooking. So far there has been a lot of oven and crockpot cooking for dishes that in my opnion, are relatable to this time of year. Right now I have nearly 10 recipes logged for this section. Due to when I started this project I have the ability to return to the category in 7-8 months and explore cuisine that is inspired by the uniqueness of fall, its seasonal vegetables and changing weather patterns. So what does that mean?

My next step in this journey is game planning for the future, focusing on recipes for subcategories & lastly to start editing the aforementioned section of the book. Each of these is going to be critical going forward for staying on track with my personal deadline as well as trying to be innovative and remain focused.

With spring and summer around the corner, it will be super important to have a game plan for those months. Taking into account various holidays, celebrations, seasonal favorites and cooking style, I hope to greatly diversify the recipe portfolio the book will have. Keep the oven turned off and get those grills fired up. Healthy selections that are bright, crisp and delicious. New twists on warm weather favorites from around the globe. By preparing and creating now, I can execute with better efficiency going forward.

During the first 10 weeks of this process, I have unfortunately made some subcategories like sides, breakfast and cocktails the step child. While I game plan for the upcoming seasons, I will have a great opportunity to focus on the categories and catch up. No meal is complete without amazing sides or the perfect drink!

Lastly, I get to start working on the fun part. Editing. Having a section under control created a good time to begin tweaking the layout to meet my needs. Font, size, spacing, boarders and everything in between needs to be established to create consistency and the style I want. Who wants to read a recipe in MLA format? That’s sounds terrible!

I’ve found that much like in other aspects of life, I’m staying on track by writing it down. Task lists, ideas, upcoming projects and things to remember. We’re surrounded by so much technology but the pen and paper is where the magic happens. Keep track and stay on track…
Stay hungry my friends



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