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Test Cooks Needed

Over the last month I’ve been working diligently on my cookbook. With category intros started, ideas flowing and numerous recipes created, it’s time to have them prepared and tested by others. This is a super exciting time for this project because it will allow me to get an objective view on what I’ve done so far and to see if my creations are feasible, easily duplicated and most importantly, if they need to be reworked. 
With that in mind, it’s time to fill you all in on the purpose of this cookbook. As of now my running title is “The Sexy Guys Cookbook- A Guide To Stepping Up Your Game In The Kitchen & With The Ladies”. So many guys (and girls) are totally clueless in the kitchen. Unable to craft anything that takes time, patience or finesse. I want to be able to show guys how much fun it is to cook and how something simple can brighten up the day of those around you. If you’re trying to impress her or him, or looking to put something together for a get together or potluck, nothing is better than a homemade meal to set the mood and win their hearts. 

Now to the fun part. As stated, I need people to test a few recipes for me. Sticking with the theme of the book, I’d like to get input from a few guys, but ladies please don’t hesitate to reach out if interested. Right now my focus is on hearty meals that are perfect for fall and winter. Going forward, that will change with the seasons as we move towards summer and our diets change.
If interested, contact me via social media, email or the phone. All of that information is listed in my wordpress blog (mrvacc.wordpress). I will select a few recipes for you to choose from and whatever you select, I will send the recipe to you via email.

Thanks again for the support and as always, stay hungry my friends!




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