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The Beginning 

Recently, yesterday or the day before i cant remember, I made an announcement that I’ll be starting a journey to write a cookbook. What better way to share updates then to start a blog and actually use it! Follow my journey on wordpress under the name mrvacc, and stay tuned for more updates about the book and the various things I involve myself in.

So far I’ve received tremendous support from people backing my idea and willing to help! Thank you all for the encouragment and wanting me to get this project off the ground and help me see it to fruition. As I continue writing and cooking, ill expose you all to sneak peaks of some of the recipes in the book in addition to the theme im going for.

As always, message me for any comments, questions or recipe contributions you want me to include, as well as getting involved in the process!

Thanks again,


Twitter- @Mrvacc89

Instagram- mrvacc89




Hello and welcome to my blog! I'm a food enthusiasts, avid gym goer and constant fun seeker. The best part about life is adventuring to the unknown spots, endulging in culture and cuisine, and somehow finding time to get a good workout in between the chaos of life. Share in my journey of cooking shenanigans, thrill seeking and my never ending caffeine addiction that supports my daily life!

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